ONE Medical Team

ONE Medical Team

Ortho NorthEast is home to the region’s top orthopaedic specialists in every area of excellence. Our physicians are continually becoming skilled in the most advanced treatments and surgical techniques so that our patients can receive the very best care right here, close to home. We encourage you to get to know the outstanding medical team of ONE.
For more information about any of our physicians, simply click on his or her name below. To download a PDF of our Physician¹s Directory, simply click here.


John C. Pritchard, M.D.

Michael D. Lee, M.D.

Stephen A. Wright, M.D.

Brett F. Gemlick, M.D.

David Conner, M.D.

Jeffrey L. Hartzell, M.D.

Advanced Practitioners


Gregory A. Hoffman, M.D.

Alan W. McGee, M.D.

John I. Williams, M.D.

Micah W. Smith, M.D.

Advanced Practitioners


Shantanu (Sean) Kulkarni, D.O.

Jon A. Karl, M.D.

Rebecca A. Posner, M.D.

Jeffrey W. Barr, M.D.

Advanced Practitioners


Richard M. Johnston II, M.D.

Robert O. Wuthrich, M.D.

Lorinda Browning, M.D.

Douglas R. Dohl, M.D.

Matthew A. Stephens, M.D.

Sarah LaSalle, D.O.

Scott T. Davis, M.D.


William J. Berghoff, M.D.

Jeffrey L. Harris, M.D.

Thomas Myers, M.D.

Advanced Practitioners


Scott D. Karr, M.D.

Michael C. McManus, D.P.M.

Jason DeDoes, D.P.M.

Advanced Practitioners


Ward P. Hamlet, M.D.

Christopher W. LaSalle, M.D.

Advanced Practitioners

Ortho NorthEast

Leamon Williams Jr., M.D.

David J. Wittbrodt, M.D.

Advanced Practitioners


David A. Goertzen, M.D.

Jason J. Heisler, D.O.

Advanced Practitioners